In 2009 we travelled to Delhi, Ranchi, Kolkata, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala and Lucknow. We have worked with Gospel For Asia (GFA) to advance and expand the Biosand Water Filter projects that were established during and after our 2007 visit. To date we have 32 Biosand Water Filter manufacturing facilities throughout India capable of producing thousands of filters a year and we continue to expand to meet the tremendous and urgent need. To date we have over 20,000 filters in use and have impacted over 1,000 villages.

We provide Biosand Water Filter technology and training to well established organizations and install Biosand Water Filters in the homes of underprivileged families, schools and churches in each area. We provide this information and technology transfer to create a self-sustaining program. Much of the initial costs of setting up the manufacturing of the filters is paid for by Friends Who Care International.

Friends Who Care International is equipped to research needs, train local individuals and assist in setting up micro-enterprises for manufacturing Biosand Concrete Water Filters using local labour, leadership and materials whenever possible. We work in co-operation with local NGO (non government organizations) to create micro-manufacturing businesses and local employment with the objective of improving the quality of life of those we touch.

Here is a great example of the Biosand Water Filters in action in the field. Gospel for Asia now has over 20,000 filters in use in over 1,000 villages and are continuing to expand rapidly. They are using all the Friends Who Care and CAWST training materials, plans and concepts. To date they have 32 manufacturing facilities throughout India.

A bucket of slushy, muddy, germy pond water is mixed with concrete, sand and rocks and the result is drinkable. Don't believe us? The secret is here. Link Your Life: Reach Asia. Learn More.

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