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Nicaragua is the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the world. It is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. The country's poverty effects women and children the most. Nearly 50% of all Nicaraguans are either unemployed or underemployed. Distribution of income in Nicaragua is very unequal. Over 2 million Nicaraguans live in poverty. Most Nicaraguans live on less than US$2 a day and as many as 800,000 live in extreme poverty, less than $US1 a day.

One of every three Nicaraguan children has some degree of malnutrition.


One of every four Nicaraguan children is born to a teenage mother. 


Less than 30% of all Nicaraguan children complete an elementary education. On average, Nicaraguans complete fewer than 5 years of schooling. Up to 95% of all disabled children in the country receive no appropriate support.


Friends Who Care International has teamed up with local ministries to implement a Biosand Water Filter manufacturing project in Nicaragua. FWC will provide the hands on training, information and technology transfer plus the necessary seed money to help launch the project. The project will be owned and operated by local Nicaraguans using local leadership, labor and materials. There are thousands of homes in the area lacking clean healthy drinking water. We have found that thousands of children drink water directly out of the rivers in the area. We believe this partnership will impact the health and lifestyle of thousands of people for many decades.

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