We appreciate our volunteers that join us in the field as well as those that join us through financial support. The accomplishments of a team far exceed our individual efforts. We certainly could not do what is being done by ourselves. We invite you to be part of this wonderful ministry of breaking poverty cycles, breaking sickness and disease cycles and making a difference in thousands of families lives. They are the ones that truly thank you and you are the one that receives as many blessings as you can handle!

If you would like to join us on one of our missions, please send us an email and we can discuss the possibilities. Thank you. Rod and Ingrid


Hugh Walllis

Kamloops, BC


Brian & Lisa Harper

Philadelphia, PA


Marianne McDonald & Ruth Coxson,

British Columbia

Image 5

Rod McCarroll with children of the 

Tephanaun India tribe in Mexico


Ingrid McCarroll  

teaching hygiene


Hugh Wallis 

in training mode


Lorne & Glen Coxson in Nicaragua

British Columbia

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